Missing hundreds of BAT

i’ve been using brave since early 2021, had hundreds of BAT the last time my wallet actually worked on multiple platforms synced. Took me a year to get verified on uphold for whatever reason and it’s all missing.

Mac - brave version 1.61.116 also in the past had android and windows synced together and all BAT is gone.

Uphold is who i’m using.

In the UK.

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Hello - When did you connect your profile to Uphold?

Please see the updates made in March 2023, regarding changes to Brave Rewards.

The deadline to connect vBAT ended on November 2nd. vBAT is longer considered valid, and was removed from the Brave Rewards experience.

what so all that bat that existed in my wallet is gone forever? I only got approved for uphold this week.

i’ve been trying to get approved by them for over a year but their customer support is useless and I kept getting errors due to having multiple synced wallets.

also tried a couple of times to resolve this through support here and nothing ever got resolved.

Sent you a DM just now. Thanks!

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