26 BAT missing from 2019-2020

Hi there, Brave Rewards has been working well and has been synching without a hitch the last six months or so. However, I have 26 BAT missing from 2019-2020 that has yet to flow into uphold. My wallet balance and my uphold counts don’t match, and I can isolate it back to 2019 through Jan 2020 rewards that were never deposited.

I’m on MacOS Monterey, latest version of Brave, wallet is verified via uphold, I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting uphold as I’ve been told the old BAT would drain into uphold upon resynching but it never did. I’m not using a VPN and based in Canada.

I’m wondering if it was because I couldn’t verify my uphold account until I believe 25 bat was reached back then, but it still never transferred over. Everything since then seems to match uphold’s activity records.

anyone? are these BATs earned lost forever?

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