Multiple issues, not earning on Windows or IOS, no ad's, can't seem to tip, no payouts despite heavy everyday usage

I’ll try to simplify this as I am confused as to how to proceed with this.

I’ve been using Brave for a year. Earned a chunk of BAT over the past year and transferring it out of Uphold to another place.

Last year I used my main PC, my laptop and Android. Then I switched from Android to IOS once that came out. Everything worked fine. I also was signed up for creators rewards and things were working ok there as well.

I started having problems with seeing Ads on my PC’s during the winter. Then they completely stopped and I haven’t seen Ads on my PC and Laptop since probably January. If not longer.

I seemed to be earning BAT on the PC and Laptop despite not seeing ads.

I used my PC/Laptop on average probably 2-8 hours a day.

My IOS was still earning OK and seeing ads until maybe a month or two ago. I stopped seeing ads there too though they started up again a few days ago. I generally use Brave on IOS 3-10 hours a day and my wallet on IOS says my payout in May was 21.8 earnings from ads.

I have not earned BAT since March, according to the statements from Uphold.

My browsers are all updated to the most recent versions.

The balances on my laptop and PC are the same currently. 21.5 BAT. The balance on IOS shows 74.2 BAT. The Uphold balance shows 21.5 BAT from the Brave browser and 7.3 from Brave rewards.

All the browsers say I’m verified and connected with Uphold. I’m using the most current versions of Brave.

I’m thoroughly confused and have no idea what to do.

Any ideas?

Thank you for reaching out.
So the issue that you’re trying to call to attention is the fact that you’ve stopped seeing Ads recently across your devices.

Can you confirm the Brave version numbers you have for your devices and ensure that you’re using the most up to date version of them?

Yes, both computers are: Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

And IOS is Version 1.16 ( Device iPhone12,5 (iOS 13.5)

So am I to take it due to the lack of responses that there are no solutions for this type of issue?

Not seeing ads doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong. Since we’ve had over the weekend to wait, have still not seen any ads on your end for any of your devices?

Further, if you’ve seen the announcements recently, you’ll note that there was an issue with Rewards across platforms – but this is likely the reason you don’t see the the BAT from your iOS device reflected in your Uphold account yet:

Thanks for responding.

I haven’t been seeing ad’s on my two computer’s since the winter as noted in my Original post. I’m thinking they stopped around November-December, if not before. The IOS ad’s just started up again a few days ago, but I am unable to tip the BAT from that account because none of my creator pages are showing as verified for some reason (Though they worked a month ago)
I am afraid to uninstall/reinstall Brave on my main computer for fear of losing BAT , but something isn’t right. It’s not working how it was working originally and I’m not earning anything despite heavy usage over the past many months, as noted in my OP.

Thanks for clarifying.
I believe the iOS verification error is known and is being worked on presently – I’ll reach and make sure that’s the case today.

Very strange that you haven’t been seeing ads for that long. Would you mind going to Settings --> Rewards --> 7-day Ad history and sharing a screenshot of what you see here?

Yes, if this is what you mean here it is…and one showing what the ad’s per hour are set at and have been set at for many months.

Hi @Apiney sorry for the inconvenience here. A couple of things to check. First, what country are you in? Second, and strange question here, I don’t suppose you have any kind of gaming mouse that you use on your Windows machine do you?

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Interesting question! USA in Wisconsin and yes a Logitech G900

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Thank you for confirming – we actually have a specific issue regarding ads and certain gaming mice causing issues:

I’ve added your report to the thread on Github for the developers to review.

Ok, interesting. What should I do? I did test turning the polling rate all the way down from 1000 to 125 and I also did see that I was unable to get a screensaver to work until I turned the polling rate all the way down, still no Brave ads, but the screen saver worked.

I don’t have any other mice and it seems like migrating to another mouse seems sort of unrealistic, especially with a popular brand of mouse.

Although, I also have the same problem on my laptop and I often use a Logitech G700 on there.

At this point the best thing to do is just wait until the fix gets in the build. Ads team is really good at fixing issues like this – hopefully we’ll have this resolved as soon as possible. That said, if you do have an extra mouse you can try and use to test against it could be helpful to confirm that the mouse is what’s causing the interference.

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@Apiney Please see for a potential solution