Not recieving earnings for ads on any browser on any computer atm

Like others have posted previously this issue has been prevelant all month, I have the same settings as last month and am significantly down in rewards earnings at the same stage, are there problems with teh browser, is anyone else having the same problem???

Are you receiving ads?
if Yes, but they don’t count to your earnings then that’s a bigger issue I guess.
If no, then try turning off rewards for a hour or 2 and turn it back on and it should work most probably. If that doesn’t work clear cache for Brave.

Also do check if your Brave is up to date.
Also check if Ads are available in your region on the website below →

Do let us know what issue you’re facing in detail, that will help us get more accurate solutions to you, Cheers!

Hi mate, to be honest the ads are coming through very intermittently, I update my browsers as soon as they to, I’ll turn the ads off for two hours as you suggest and then back on and let you know

p.s. by turning ads off Im not going to lose my current reward status (ie. what I have earned for the month already)?


Sure! let us know

Yes, you won’t it’ll show 0.000 for earnings for this month for only the period you’ve turned them off. They’ll show up again once you turn ads on. Also check that you have set ads to maximum of 10 per hour.

thanks I’ll keep you updated , istwo hours a known fix or is this just a nominal time (ie would one hour do the job just as much??)

I don’t know for sure but yeah I guess keeping it off for some time should help. Atleast for me it’s worked a few times

Hi @Jason7

Could you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

Have submitted the ticket, hasnt had a response for days , ads have stopped working altogether on all computers and phones - 6 days in and .040 of news reviews is all that has occurred!! Can someone respond to ticket 152977 please

So the ads have completey stopped all together and their support is saying of well the ad setting is the maximum you can receive an hour, For weeks now no ads and no earnings, IS ANYONE ELSE STOPPED RECEIVING ADS on windows 10, windows 11 machines and iphone 13 pro’s???

The number of ads depends on many factors.

  • Ads available in your region
  • New tab ads watched per hour. In the past it was possible to watch one per every 4 new tabs opened. Now it shows only 1 every 15 minutes regardless of the number of tabs opened.
  • News ads are now less and have a time relation to the other ads. I don’t know the exact details, but I believe it also counts for the 15 minutes limit. Thus, if you watch 2 consecutive ads, only one may count.
  • Push notifications in Windows require OS permission. Ensure that you have granted push notifications permissions to Brave. Check your Windows settings.
  • Browser usage. You get more ads if the browser has regular activity. But it detects if it is a human pattern of a bot pattern. Regular mouse and keyboard usage with random quiet intervals trigger more push notifications than a constant activity.
  • Videos. Streaming software tends to freeze any other activity. If you are watching videos, it is less likely that you get ads during that period.

I hope this helps you understanding how it works in general.
The main aspect is really the number of ads available in your region.

I would wait until you get an answer to your ticket. Brave support will give you more inside information once they are able to work on your issue.

i had problem in receiving ads ,very very low ads ,but today the condition is improved a little bit ,today i got 10 new page tab ads and 1 pushup ad notification ,otherwise i was getting 2-3 ads in whole day

edit - now 11 ads

i knew that the problem is from brave side ,getting new page tab is a good sign ,now pushup notification problems remain (still maximum 1-2 ads in whole day )

Thanks for both your great responses guys. Rodrige, im an IT guy so i shamefully run about 50-80 tabs open at once while im working or to eventually come back to , probably very active within 20 of them or so on any given day, including streaming foxtell in one of them too. But honestly the previous months everything was hunky dory, I got about 7 bats a month for the amount of ads and time im on the computer. I got some great info on quite a few of them. I havent changed any of my behaviours and a total of 6 ads only for 17 days have come through and I think they were through that new news service in the new tab section and not the usual push ads via the notification mechanism.

I think the only change was a brave browser update but I just cant recall if it was in this period of time when the ads stopped coming through.

Again Rodrige thanks very much for your great reply :slight_smile: I really did appreciate the response and info and it is very interesting to know this background too.

I just got a browser update pushed to my machines, Im relaunching the browser and monitoring now, maybe /hopefully this is a fix ? Wishful thinking perhaps??

since the update I seem to have got a couple of ads through, I wonder if its been more than just me experiencing the issue and this update is a fix

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