Brave on mobile (android) lost BAT


I previously had around 200+ BAT on my mobile wallet, all of a sudden it has gone to 0. all of the BAT was earned from ads.

Any ideas would be appreciated, I have not uninstalled/reinstalled Brave


:point_up: As long as you don’t uninstall, you’ll receive your BAT after we push the next Android update.

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I am still missing 200+ BAT despite a brave update today! Have these been lost?

I also have the same problem 200+ bat lost and the update didn’t fix it.

My BAT’s are gone on my iphone, probably after update. It too sad as I was very happy by what I have earned. Not happy now

Hello Mattches,

I started using the android mobile app about a week ago and have already had my bat lost twice. Can you please assist? I saw on reddit mods can help by getting brave://rewards-internals/ info. I see other posts about asking us to wait for an update. But it seems the issue is not fixed yet.

Hi @organicAccuracy - please see my response to your message in the other thread. Thanks so much for reporting!