BAT getting lost May 05th onwards


On may 4th I had somewhere around - 8 BAT
ON may 6th I see - 4 BAT
On 7th may I see - 1.3 BAT

My Uphold account is not approved, and few days back I connected brave with Binance.

I do not see the lost BAT in my local wallet too.
Is this a bug or fooling users ?
And I know I am not alone in this
Also if uphold account is not verified there is no option where we can disconnect the account and try again.
Url: brave://rewards/
Always show

Waiting for a favorable reply.

Hello @grinbox90 . See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Still haven’t got my BAT back.
I am in middle of Uphold and Brave now.

Uphold has disapproved my account and god knows where my BAT were sent