Missing Bat Had 18 bat than it dropped around 4-5 bat

Hi there, i had 18 bat in my account and never spent it, the browser showed the wrong amount before and corrected itself but this time it did not. i Waited to recieve the most recent rewards to see if it would correct itself, should have been at 22. something bat, but im at 17 bat which is lower than what i was initially at. please help. there is no sign of transfer when i reviewed my info to make sure nothing happened to it i only see the deposits, no withdrawals

Windows 10

Brave 1.39.111

wallet is verified

have received payments in past

no vpn

i believe im in a supported region Canada

on pc not android for google play thing

and auto contribute is off

Please be sure to keep your browser updated. It has been a little while since left 1.39.111 and they made changes in versions after 1.40 version to help fix payment issues. Current version for Windows is 1.40.109

Which account? You answered that you are Verified and received payments in the past, but didn’t say if it was Uphold or Gemini. If it was in Gemini or Uphold, you need to log into the account there and check all of your account history. They show all deposits and withdrawals.

This makes it sound like Auto-Contribute might be on even though you say it’s off. I say that because Auto-Contribute is usually set to 1 BAT by default. Did you actually verify that it’s turned off or are you assuming off? Just asking because it’s turned on by default and if you never manually turned it off, then you’d be contributing 1 BAT each month.

When did you verify?
Did you verify with Gemini or Uphold?

Wallet is verified, its Gemini, auto contribute is off first time this has happened. not sure browser ill check the update, but i do believe it logged me out or something, i had to log into gemini and it showed most of my bat and it showed a lower number before i logged in. So did it somehow log me out and collect into a new profile? ive checked my history in gemini and what not and it says only recieved payments nothing sent nothing fishy

Brave is up to date

Version 1.40.113 Chromium: 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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