My BAT Keeps getting sent to Brave Software International

Ive earned approximately 40-50 BAT in the last 6 months and my current balance states 1.37 BAT. How is this happening? Where are all my earnings going to?

Did you repetitively send BAT to an unverified creator? If so, then they will receive the rewards once they are verified if they do so within 90 days.

No, never. I’ve never sent any of the rewards myself

What brave browser version you have, I know one of the fixes in current version is suppose fix this crap from happening

Not sure. I just updated it in the top-right corner. How can I check? thanks!

Look in settings about, once updated check that auto contribute if offs and check for any wesites yout may be donating too

youre right. i didnt even know it was activated. kinda dumb it does it automatically. so does that mean all of my gains were automatically sent out to random creators i viewed over the months? @structdjm

I dunno, would have to look in uphold logs

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