Missing BAT and kicked from Uphold

Been using Brave ads for a while. My wallet says 3.8 BAT, but the details show earned from ads is 101.7 BAT. I have donated a bit, but most of it should still be there. Does it get moved for some reason? I understand the wallet is powered by Uphold. I logged into my Uphold account but it says the account is not available, even though I can log in. Sent Uphold a ticket and just got a reply. To paraphrase: they need KYC to comply with regulations, they cannot offer me an account at this time, the decision is final and they will not review or accept an appeal.

Fair enough, but I don’t think I was asked to submit KYC at any point when I signed up to Uphold with Brave. So my question is twofold:

  • does Brave or Uphold have the BAT missing from my account?
  • why would I continue using Brave rewards if I cannot access the BAT or Uphold?

Brave and BAT seems like a great idea. I’ll still use the browser because I like it, but unless I am not understanding how it works for some reason, the rewards/ads seem pointless.

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