BAT tokens still not able to be withdrawn or viewable in uphold wallet

A couple of months ago I was told that my issue was being looked into, the post got deleted for some reason (maybe happens after a certain amount of time) but I was I’d be contacted soon and would receive my missing BAT, to cut things short I have 338 BAT on my desktop wallet, however, the uphold wallet has not synced over 300 BAT, this is starting to make me believe that I’ll never get the balance which has been promised. I have previously provided all information required but will happily send over the stuff again. Been a member since late 2018 and I’m slowly being deterred.

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HI @TheExile - thank you for following up. I’m sorry that we lost our earlier conversation. If you’d be willing, please resend your information to me in a DM and I can assist best from there. Thank you in advance!

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