BAT <-> Uphold is very confusing and unintuituve

Ok, I have been opted into the Brave Ads / Rewards thing for several months now.
I have a verified Uphold wallet.
I have once successfully transferred a BAT balance in my Brave Wallet to my Uphold account (it shows a 2.1 BAT balance today on the Brave Browser card).
I have not been able to make this transfer happen again.

Today, I have 5.512 BAT in my wallet from viewing ads (on my browser).
I click the BAT icon in Brave’s search bar, bringing up the hover panel (it displays a 5.512 BAT balance).
I click Reward Settings.
On the view that opens (brave://rewards), under my BAT balance (5.512 BAT), I click “Withdraw Funds”.
This takes me to my Uphold wallet ( No BAT are transferred. or available for transfer.
WHAT IS HAPPENING? This user experience in incredibly confusing and does not make anything clear to the user.

What hoop or magic button am I missing / not doing? Can someone explain the apparently totally obvious thing I am missing to make this transfer work?
As I said above, I have successfully transferred BAT one time but have not been able to do it again. I am completely befuddled at why this isn’t working. Why does “withdraw funds” do nothing but take me to Uphold? There is no option on the Uphold “Use Funds” view to transfer BAT from my Brave browser wallet into my Uphold wallet.

Does anyone “work” at Brave? Why are these forums the only way to get any kind of support? Can someone who has actual backend access investigate these Brave <-> Uphold problems?

When you earn from ads, the earnings are deposited into either your browser wallet or Uphold account (if verified) on each payout date – the start date for this is the 5th of every month.

However, at this time, anti-fraud measures have pushed us to enforce a 25 BAT minimum for users to have funds deposited into Uphold. This is likely why your balance is not reflected.

Sorry for the delay in reply, I don’t have this forum’s login available on my phone. Thank you, I didn’t know about the 25 BAT minimum and it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Brave Browser or on Uphold.