Lost BAT from Wallet

I verified my uphold account and the BAT was gone.
Don’t know where my BAT went, I have turned off my tipping since start so there’s no chance. It is not in uphold account as well. Would like to know the reason behind it.


Your estimated earnings will go in on the 5th of each month

will it go to uphold?

I have the same problem, my earning for 6 months just vanished, and the balance is zero. What is going on?

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Same issue for me. I had BAT from a couple month (a bit over 30) and just connected/verified the uphold wallet. Now it says I have 2.7 BAT, where did the rest go?

Is the transfer maybe done with small amounts over time?

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Same i had 80 BAT but now it’s showing only 3BAT idk what’s going on to Brave.

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Contacted Uphold regarding this and they said Brave are responsible for this.

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Same issue here. Has anybody heard anything from Brave?

Same here. I just created a post about the same issue.