Metamask Extension not working in new Brave Browser

Hello @Mattches and @Shriram,

I’m Dizer. If you recall, you guys worked with me on an issue related to Brave browser ads not showing up in my Windows 10 PC. I had mentioned that I fixed the problem by basically starting from scratch; uninstalling brave browser, then reinstalling using the manual method instead of relying on the upgrade method like I did before. That is still the case and my original ads issue went away.

Now, I’m encountering a new problem that I suspect is related to my uninstalling and re-installing the Brave browser. Specifically, the MetaMask Chrome extension does not seem to connect and stat connected with the various sites linked to it. Every time I visit a site linked to Metamask, it tells me I need to login to my Metamask account which it launches for me. That’s great, but when I login, the website seems to be connecting then losing connection, then connecting, then losing connection a second later. It is basically stuck in this endless loop and the website never loads properly.

Please see attached screen shot of an example website not working with MetaMask. Please let me know what to do. It used to work fine until I did the in-install and re-install of the Brave browser.

Thank you

Hi @Mattches @sriram

An update to my post above: I just installed Google Chrome browser to see if I see the same problem. MetaMask works fine with Google Chrome. So the problem is definitely with the Brave Browser I’m using. Please let me know what to do. I love the Brave Browser and I hate to have to use another browser out of necessity.


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Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delayed response.
Did you try logging into the MetaMask website first? If not, try logging in on MM website and saving your credentials (this may not be necessary – probably worth testing) and see if you stay logged into your MM extension as well.

Let me know what you find out.

Hi @Mattches

I fixed this problem already by disabling “Privacy Mode” in Metamask setting. You can close this issue.


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You’re very welcome – glad you got this worked out!