May10 scam alert brave is a scam

10 days has passed and still i did not get my payment also this uphold wallet is a maji=or scam we can nor withdraw from that damn thing

it’s not scam, today i get my rewards :slight_smile:

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are you able to withdraw it from the uphold wallet?

my coinbase is on ethereum, fee is 50 bat… impossible at the moment…

see, it is a a major scam! that is the way they set it to scam us

@JacobPe Just convert it to DASH and send it to coinbase address, there’s way smaller fee that way
@BeavisTheGreat PLEASE before posting (or saying that something is scam, which is ridiculous) read that big ass header message

I was paid today, converted to dash and sent to coinbase with no issues or fees

i can not even log into the uphold wallet as they say a min of 24 bats is required. scam scam scam

How is it scam kiddo? You lost something?

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kiddo?are u insane? they r just making us visit these sites for free with no rewards

I’m going to close this thread because nothing is happening here. Thank you to those of you jumping into confirm it’s “not a scam” because…it’s not.

@BeavisTheGreat. – if you’re having an issue w/Rewards or if there is some confusion, please open an actual topic in the correct category and include the requested information and we would be happy to help you.

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