Brave Rewards Scam

After 5 threads in 8 months that I opened because the payout did not work, I submitted a complaint to the “Organisation for protecting customer’s rights” in Germany. I’ve been waiting for months for my money to be paid out to her. If you refuse to pay out, I’ll get in touch with my lawyer! I will wait another 3 days for you to write an answer. If not, I’m sorry to indict a company that actually has a future with blockchain technology…


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I think your lawyer will cost you more, unless your BATs in thousands $… :wink:


It doesn’t cost me anything. I am insured. I am concerned with the principle and not with 200$!

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Exactly, i can’t wait till his “lawyer” will find any base for lawsuit, especially if @AlperOzer didn’t read terms and conditions or anything at all. He don’t know what they can and can’t lol


Brave is not a scam. You are confusing software glitches (that have already been publicly discussed in other threads) with a scam. Several Brave staff have offered you assistance with your issue. You (and your lawyer) have no case.

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@AlperOzer sorry dude but is very hard to take your post seriously, I just checked all topics you have opened and in no one of them you bothered to fill the templates.

How many wallets have you linked to your Uphold account? (brave installation/profiles/releases (nightly, beta)


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