Manually toggling bookmarks bar sets "show bookmarks" settings

Description of the issue:
When pressing ctrl+shift+B hotkey to toggle bookmarks bar, “Show bookmarks” setting gets set to “always” or “never” depending on whether the toggle sets the bar on or off
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open settings page, go to “Show bookmarks” setting
  2. Use ctrl+shift+B hotkey to toggle bookmarks bar on/off
  3. Bookmarks bar appear/disappear, and “Show bookmarks” setting also changes to “always”/“never”

Expected result:
Bookmarks bar appear or disappear, not affecting the settings.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave Browser on Arch Linux kernel 6.7.3-arch1-2

Additional Information:
My usecase affected by this is when I prefer to show bookmarks bar on new tab page, and from time to time I want access to bookmarks bar outside of new tab page. On chrome/firefox I’d leave the setting on “only show on new tab page” and occasionally manually turn the bar on when I need to. I don’t want this action to affect the settings.

This is a duplicate of Manually toggling the bookmarks bar resets pref “Show bookmarks bar” set to “Only on the new tab page” which was closed in May 2023, but the bug persists.

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