Bookmark Bar Setting Inconsistent/Unreliable

I don’t want the bookmark bar to show on new tabs or on startup. However the presence of the bookmark bar doesn’t track with the state displayed in the Bookmark settings menu.

  1. On a new tab, the bookmark bar is always displayed. (Settings / Appearance / Show Bookmarks is off.)
  2. Neither Ctrl-Shift-B nor Show Settings option in the Bookmarks menu have any effect in a new tab.
  3. Both methods DO affect a window displaying web content.

Brave Version: 1.21.77 Windows

I suspect this is an architecture issue. There probably needs to be flags for: current session, new session default, and perhaps each tab (for all likely use cases). Without this, each update to for a particular use case is likely to break another, causing a repeating stream of complaints. (Looking at the history, this appears to be happening.)

Alternatively, the bookmark display logic honors the bookmark display flag only when loading content.

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