Manually add websites that Brave shouldn't offer to remember passwords for

For security reasons, I prefer not to have Brave manage passwords for my financial activities. Everything else is fine. In Brave’s settings, unfortunately, there currently is no way to manually add a website (e.g. to the list of websites which shouldn’t offer to remember passwords:


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Hey @Olivier hope all as well Sir. I ran it to this problem a couple of weeks ago. I was doing my do diligence in switching from Google to Brave. I never liked website remember my card number. So what I did to sleep good at night was…
Convert to :100: percent cashless which using my NFC chip reader built into my phone. I use Cash app ( PayPal same difference) and it works great!!! I don’t have to worry about my card floating around in Server land and cash and debit stay at the house. It does get a little stressful when you have to transfer funds but other than that it been perfect. Below are steps to setup NFC chip reader on your phone. Hope this helps you @Olivier… That’s best picture I could get for you.

Perhaps I’m confused – If you visit a site in which you dont want to remember you information, click Block in the prompt and you will never see this asked again. This applies to all sites.

For example, visit and after you authenticate, you’ll be prompted to save creditials for the site. Electing to save the password will do just that – selecting Never will do just that (never save the password).

Suppose you have a handful of sites that you’d like to store here:


wouldn’t you find it more convenient to type the urls directly there, or possibly import a previous export.

I agree that it’s not essential and not a priority, but it does improve user experience because you don’t have to visit each site.

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Actually yes, I do agree with you. Just wanted to make sure it was a matter of convenience rather than the inability to do this at all.

Thank you for your feedback.