Ability to add passwords manually

I suggest that possibility to add passwords as well as change existing passwords manually is added. Quite often the browser does not recognize that a new identity and password is being created on a site. It seems to be depending on how the site has chosen to add users.
The ability to add user identity, password and their corresponding site would be a really great feature and add value by virtually making Brave the only need-to-have password keeper.


You can already change the existed passwords and usenames. To do that :

  1. Write at adress bar Brave://flags
  2. Enable "Experimental Web Platform features" and "Edit passwords in settings" flags.
  3. Go to passwords , click at three dots of the password that you want to change user name and password and select “change password …”. Thats it.

Excellent, thank you!

Please note that the word “fags” in the first instruction line is misspelled. The correct sentence should be:

  1. Write at adress bar Brave://flags
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Sure. I edited it. Thanks.

Plus 1 for adding passwords manually. It’s a great feature that is in Mozilla. A use case for this is to save passwords for docs, zips, and such on the desktop. Since the browser can’t suggest a password to those items it would be nice to manually enter them in ourselves for safe keeping.