Manually adding passwords

There is one site I visit every month. Brave never offers to save my password for this site.
Is there any way to manually add the password?

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I’d like this too.

I hope to be corrected but the only way to manually add logins in Brave seems to be importing CSV.

You may try this: export your passwords (brave://settings/passwords, Saved Passwords, , Export passwords...) then open the file in a plain text editor, add a line in the same format (name,url,username,password), import back from the same menu.
Note that when I tried importing a malformed file nothing happened, not even a “syntax error” message, in case double check. Example:,,the-user-name,the-user-password.

edit: a word of caution: at least one user had a few passwords lost in the process.

I advise to write them down and double check both export and import, better safe than sorry.

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