Is it just me or is password management about 90% hosed?

I have been using Brave for a while now in a sort of testing mode. I have saved a few login credentials for non-critical sites. Here are my concerns:

Under Settings…passwords I have “Offer to save passwords” enabled and “Auto Sign-in” enabled. Under the heading “Saved Passwords” I am told “Saved passwords will appear here.” NOTHING does, not even the sites for which I have saved credentials.

Under the heading “Never Saved” I am told “Sites which never save passwords will appear here.” I just went to a site, entered my credentials and told Brave never to save the password. I went back to the site and Brave did NOT auto fill offer to save the password. At least this part works.

Still, for saved passwords I cannot see them, modify them, export them etc. For some sites I will tell Brave to save the password and yet the next time I access that site the credentials seem not to have been saved. Am I missing something?


Hi @taylorkh,
What OS are you on? And what version of Brave are you on?
If you quit and restart Brave, then go to brave://settings/passwords, do you see any passwords on the list?

Thanks As-ron,

OS is Linux Mint, Brave Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

No passwords are shown. I know I have a few saved as they are auto-filled on the respective sites.


@taylorkh, would you be willing to re-run the installer?

Thanks Aa-ron,

I would never do that :slight_smile:

But I did anyhow. Here is the exact sequence:

1 - copied my profile ~/.config/Brave-Browser to a safe place
2 - sudo apt-get autoremove brave-browser -y
3 - whacked the profile directory and its contents
4 - sudo apt-get install brave-browser -y
5 - launched the newly installed browser
6 - went to a site where I have an account, did the login thing and accepted the offer to save the credentials
7 - navigated to settings…passwords

There I found the login name and … for the password. Clicking on the eyeball icon displayed the password (would be nice to be able to set a master password as in Firefox…)

8 - went to another web site, did the login thing and said NEVER save credentials
9 - back to settings…passwords the new site is now listed under Never Saved as expected
10 - renamed the new profile directory and copied back my old “production” profile
11 - Saved Passwords are again NOT displayed.

From this I would conclude that my profile is hosed in some way. I did a Restore settings process but that did not help. I have a few bookmarks which I need to keep. If I can figure out how to export them and import them into the new profile I think I would be good to go. I have only a handful of passwords saved and will re-enter them as I go forward. At least that is the plan.

Thanks again for your assistance,


p.s. I suspect you can clue me in as to how to export/save and retrieve bookmarks?

Oh never mind. Boodkark export/import is TOO easy. Already done. I will login to a couple of sites and do some more password testing.

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