Make downloads great (or just functional) again

Hello, I’m not sure if I’m reporting an issue or requesting a feature here, but I guess since UI was overhauled somewhere in the last few months, downloading files has become rather more difficult than any browser I’ve used in the last 10+ years. It’s relocated to the top right where extensions live, like many have done before… fine… except that for 80% of files I try to download, I click the file/link and then… nothing!

Brave wants to warn that this file may be harmful and require that I nominate to KEEP or DISCARD the file. But instead of making the downloads icon appear and showing this prompt (It seems like that icon disappears on close of browser), it just quietly keeps it to itself. So only by ctrl+j to open the downloads tab and then notice the notification and give it the ‘Keep’ click can the download actually begin. After this the icon seems to persist and function normally on ‘dangerous’ downloads - meaning it will actually show you that something needs attention rather than just disappearing so you have no idea if the link was bad or what.

I’d be quite happy to revert the entire browser to a version with UI that worked, but I do make use of brave rewards and sync which I understand are lost when rolling back.

The option to either revert the downloads to the bar across the bottom OR make the download icon a permanent fixture in the top right (rather than requiring a download to have been initiated for each session to make it visible) would also get me out of trouble.

Please and thank you

Does turning off ‘Download Bubble’ and ‘Download Bubble V2’ at brave://flags help ?

ah, my man! Hadn’t spotted that option. That will do it for me - the download bar down the bottom at least always brings the item up so it’s immediately obvious if you need to tell it to keep the file when it’s flagged dangerous.

Thanks very much =)