Download bar disappeared with latest update

There was another post about this that was solved, but only for Windows. Impossible to reactivate bottom download bar

Has anyone found a solution for us Mac users? My browser and Dropbox do not get along, so a lot of my downloads end up canceled due to “Network failure.” With the downloads up in the bubble and hidden away now, I can’t see the downloads that need to be restarted.

I have no solution for now.
On mac, when you start the app the download icon will appear for very short time on the left corner.

Brave is really broken since the last updates.

This is not good news.

You used to be able to fix it in brave://flags but now they’ve removed that option for some reason. I thought they were trying to be different from all these other shitty browsers that just force bad updates on people but I guess not

I know. And in the linked post Mattches commented, they’re not bringing it back because “they can’t make everyone happy,” even though leaving the flag would literally give people the choice between the two options and keep everyone happy. It makes no sense.

Yeah it seems more like they absolutely don’t want to make people happy even if they can, sad thing when you thought you finally found a good browser

Figured out a fix. Add this to the target in braves properties (Without quotes) “–disable-features=DownloadBubble”

How do I get into Brave properties to do that?

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