Make Default button doesn't do anything

I want to make Brave the default browser but the “Make Default” button doesn’t do anything. I am using Linux Mint 23.1 with the Cinnamon desktop. I saw a couple of other threads from a year or two ago on this very issue without any real solution. I get regular updates but this issue seems not to get fixed. I would rather Brave come up when clicking on a link instead of Firefox.

“Cinnamon” desktop - try this: Menu - 'Systems Settings' (Control Center) - Preferences - Preferred Applications

Internet | Web is at the top of my list. The drop-down menu should offer Brave (and any other installed browser).

Adding: I’ve used this to change other ‘Preferred Applications’, not the default browser. YMMV.

I’m using Debian. Though Mint is based on Debian, I don’t know if the different implementation will affect you.

Yes, that was actually what I needed to do. Thanks.

I’m glad that worked.

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