Brave Not Recognising Itself As Default Browser

I’ve been using Brave for a while and have not had any problems with it I can’t fix myself, until now.
I’m using Linux Mint 19.2 with KDE. Now, KDE is not officially supported by the maintainers any more so I thought I’d try Cinnamon. I didn’t like it so returned to KDE. Since then, Brave has asked if it can make itself Default Browser ever time it’s loaded. I’ve clicked the “Make Default” button on load, and in Settings. The latter does nothing. I’ve set Brave as default in Default Applications (KDE), Preferred Applications (Cinnamon) and update-alternatives (console) to no avail. I’m probably missing something obvious so if anyone has any ideas as to what, I’d be a happy bunny.!

One thing this proves: I don’t start looking for help until I’ve exhausted every possible thing, because I always have issues nobody else knows how to resolve either!

Exactly the same here. Manjaro 18.1 Cinnamon. Brave consistently doesn’t recognize itself as the default browser although I’ve done all the things you did as well. Waited for one Brave and one Manjaro update (although it is Brave related), to no avail. The fact you did not even get one response (even when this error is not replayable) is somewhat worrying. But that’s another discussion.

Found it!
From the shell:


Then go to, “Preferred Applications” and set Brave as default browser.

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