Macos Memory Leak

Hello all,
I’ve been using Brave for multiple years, keeping it up to date. I’m sharing an issue I’ve now been having from time to time (a few times per week) for several months where by my memory usage (as reported by the macos activity monitor) goes from my regular 1-3 gigs (varying with nuùmber of tabs open, normal), up to 15-30 Gigs slowly killing my 16GB machine because of the swapping.
My browser is kept up to date. My current version is 1.24.85
Looking at the Brave Task Manager it is the main ‘Browser’ process that’s taking up all the memory.

So my first question is : based on that last statement does it mean it’s not an extension that’s using up the memory or should I go through trying to find if it’s a specific extension ? That would be a painful process since I only keep extensions I use on a daily basis and this issue only happens from time to time.

And my 2ns question : am I alone experimenting this ?

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Same thing here!
This is happening on a brand new M1 13 inch MacBook Pro with 16GB of ram which leads the system to show me an out of memory prompt. This has never happened to me on any PC or Mac that I have owned and my previous Macbook Pro only had 8GB of ram.
I opened the activity monitor and there we 5-6 instances of a Brave Browser Helper (Renderer), one was 5GB on it’s own.
I was just ready to switch back to chrome or edge but I decided to look into it in case there is a solution. Running V1.25.68.
Closing the browser seems to have fixed it temporarily but I will have to switch if a solution is not found.

Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks!

FWIW, I’ve pursued my investigations on my end and narrowed it down to a specific website that was causing the memory leaks : when leaving a tab open on a crypto chart. Weird thing is that

  1. The website causes no problem when running on Safari
  2. The memory usage showed up in the main process not in the rendering sub-process for that tab.
    Since switching to Safari for that specific page and keeping Brave for all the rest I have no more memory issues.
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WOW! Seeing how long had passed with you not getting a response, I didn’t expect anything so fast! Many thanks, I did actually have around 6 Binance tabs open in my browser…I’ve now moved them to Safari to see how it goes. Hope this gets fixed in future editions.

EDIT: So I moved my Binance tabs to Safari but I’m still using a crazy amount in RAM. I rebooted the system and restored my session and I am still using a total of around 10GB or RAM with only my browser and my mail client open. What’s going on? Could it be one of the extensions? Or is this browser a crazy memory hog? And as I am watching it, it keeps rising, it’s now reached 11GB without me even opening anything else…

The reality is Brave (and Chromium) is not optimized for macOS, let alone M1 processors.

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