High Memory Use on Mac Mini M1 Chip

I have used Brave for about a month now and have recently noticed it uses an excessive amount of Ram. I reviewed a couple previous threads and followed suggestions like disabling Hardware acceleration, cleared cache and cookies, etc but it is still 8+gigs with a few pages open. I took a screenshot with Activity Monitor, (1) tab on brave startup menu and Task Manager open. The only extensions I have installed are all switched off and I only use PW manager, MetaMask, Newsguard, Google Translate and Pinterest. This was not an issue on Chrome.

Please advise. I could not find a resolution and all suggestions do not work. Luckily, I have 16g of Ram, but I literally spent two days combing through my computer looking for malicious software bc the usage was so hi with nothing running.

I have a Mac M1 with the latest software. I’m doing everything right

Please advise, or I will have to delete and use Safari


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LastPass seems to be using the most, going by the screenshot. Would test without any extensions installed as a first step.

Also in Windows 10 with intel core i7 10750H processor :frowning:

Never use Google search engine, otherwise they will know you better than you do :no_mouth:

Ok - I just did extensive comparisons. I have also cleared library caches, and all other best practices to create the best side by side comparison.

Some deal breakers are - I use LastPass and unless convinced otherwise it is safe to store passwords on Browser, do not trust Brave, Safari or Chrome to store my passwords. And side by side with Chrome & Safari - Brave with no extensions compared to Safari & Chrome with AdBlocker and 7 extensions including Lastpass use less MB than Brave.

It is most important when I have 12+ Stock charts running in real-time + email, streaming video, + side tasks. I’m beginning to think I need to separate my tasks by browser with certain extensions and privacy features on one or the other depending on use.


Safari isn’t accurate in this screenshot. Actual MB is high 400’s. But browser comps, with no other extensions, helpers, renderers at the moment I type this are:
Safari = 163.4
Chrome = 107.2
Brave = 255.3

I’ve never been a safari fan, but all my tech is apple and recent privacy changes to safari make it attractive option to consider. I like the idea of Brave, but seems to be clunky still.

I try to use DDG and Brave but the results are more miss than hit. I recently changed Chrome to the browser so I could get better search results. Chrome already knows more about me than I do… I am more concerned with my data being weaponized like Cambridge Analytica and 45’s campaign. As far as serving me relevant search results vs a random smattering that DuckDuckGo gives.

It’s definitely a tough trade off.

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