Critical Memory Usage After Update

Brave version 1.4.95
MacOS Catalina 10.15.3
Macbook Pro late 2018, 16gb RAM

Brave’s memory usage has skyrocketed! It is using up all the available memory on my system with just one idle tab, just after opening the application. I have never had this problem before, even with only 16gb of memory. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling using three different application remover programs (one I know usually works perfectly), but those don’t even seem to remove the app cleanly enough to do anything (ALL settings and extensions still in tact after re-installation). I then disabled all extensions, and that helped a tiny bit, but not much. With all extensions disabled, I still still have 9 helper processes in the background in activity monitor.

Has anyone had this happen?

Yes, but with a completely different system. I’m running Brave w/8 extensions on a Windows 10 Pro Desktop with 64GB of RAM. Last week my computer slowed to a crawl and task manager showed Brave using up about 55GB of RAM. I shut down, rebooted and Brave started up using about 1GB of Ram. A day later that was up to 16GB. I then shut Brave down and restarted it and memory usage was back to around 1GB. When task manager showed me Brave using 55GB I had not re-started brave in over a week. My ‘workaround’ is to restart it daily.

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