Mac Catalina Brave Crashes after 10 seconds

Brave crashes after 10 seconds.

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I’m having the same problem. It started when I enabled sync.

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Mine crashes even without enabling sync.

I’m running into the same issue but the crashing is intermittent (nothing specific that causes it to lock up)

I have Mac Mini and laptop running the same version Mac Catalina. The Mac Mini works fine, The laptop crashes within a few seconds!

Let me know if you spot a fix please.

Now here is something really strange. I added a user to my laptop. They were able to use Brave browser for about a day, then it started crashing. Guess I have to go back to Chrome.

I’m really hoping someone will reply. I love brave and what they stand for. If I can get this sorted I’ll happily be a brave user for life!

I feel the same way but for now I cannot use it on my laptop. Someone out there must have a fix.

Please help!

same here…first off, got a new Mac and had to configure all the profiles manually again as the sync just hold bookmarks.

now, it has stopped working / closes after 10 seconds / every third action you do within Brave …hope this is sorted soon.

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