Brave crashes in Mac 10.15.7 for about a month

I have not been able to start Brave in Mac 10.15.7 for about a month. It crashes in about 3-5 seconds after the top menu shows up. It crashes before you can empty cache and data. Very frustrated. I have scoured the internet and forums to no avail. Please advise.

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Same. Brave and Chrome crash on macOS Catalina.

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Any news on this topic, I am experiencing the same problem, but don’t have/find a solution for it. Downgrade to previous version of brave browser perhaps?

Hey all. Not sure how/why this got missed, but wanted to check in with all of you to see if you’re still having issues?

If so, will need to know

  • Which version of Brave you’re using

  • As many details as you can give on what types of activity seems to happen when it crashes

  • If you’re using extensions

  • If opening in private window prevents it from happening

  • If you create a second browser profile (Hamburger menu → More Tools → Add new profile) does it happen in the new profile?

  • Go to brave://crashes and you should see a list of things there. IF it says Send Now, you need to click on those and exit Brave so it uploads reports. Then copy/paste the Uploaded Crash Report ID here.

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