Brave keeps crashing around every 10 seconds

Hey community, so my friend introduced brave to me and I wanted to try it so I downloaded brave on my comp. It just crashes within opening every 10 secs.

I’m on a mac 13.0 version and 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 processor.

Is there something wrong with my mac or? please help asap I rlly want to try out ur product

Hello @jscreator

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave. Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings one more time, to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Let me know if that works and have a nice day!

@Alice2095 Tysm for the reply but even after I turned it off it crashed again. I had to rush to turn hardware acceleration off

Here’s a clip if it helps:

It actually took about 30 secs but idk whats going on


@jscreator Do you have any extensions on your browser? In particular, perhaps have Bitdefender? I’m asking as we’ve been seeing it as a cause in most of the people who reported the browser crashing lately.

A few others were things like just needing to do an update, toggle hardware acceleration, switch to Vulkan in flags, etc. But overall, it’s been extensions.

Hello @Saoiray thanks for the reply

Nono its not like that, I haven’t even got to download extensions. Once I downloaded brave I never got to actually use it bc it kept crashing. It just started from the start

@jscreator Do a favor. Go to and download again. This will basically just be a manual update, but it will reapply everything to your device. So if you had an issue in the installation, it might fix it. (of course, when all is said and done, make sure to check and make sure it’s using the most recent update).

Also, if it does continue crashing, make sure you try to navigate to brave://crashes and see if there’s any reports there. If so, try to submit if there’s that option. If already submitted, it should show some crash ID. Try to provide those details.

Thanks again, umm i redownloaded it and it still crashed, and when I went to brave://crashes nothing apeared

Makes it sound like it’s not crashing then. You may have something like a firewall, antivirus, or whatever else that’s interfering. You could try clearing cookies again in case it’s that. Primarily may have to be @Mattches who may have to try to help you.

Ahh, I see what you’re saying ok, maybe anti-virus. Thanks for the help tho

Oh yeah, and I forgot what day it is. Just a FYI, it’s Friday night. For the most part, Support tends to be active Monday through Friday. In this, you may not hear anything for a few days except for maybe other Users who might have suggestions.

Oh ok ty. Guess ill wait lol

Wait @Saoiray sry to disturb, but do u think brave would be actually considered to be blocked by a anti-virus software?

@jscreator It can be. Best way to test it is to temporarily disable it. I’ve had issues like that happen in the past with games, web browsers, etc. It’s usually a glitch. The only reason I mention it as a test is because of that past experience.

I mean, beyond that you can make sure your system is updated and all. For example, Apple just released 13.0.1

I mentioned verifying Brave is updated, which you do by going to Settings → About within Brave.

I probably could list a bunch of other random ideas that may or may not make a difference.

Frankly, might even say to remove all things Brave from your device and do a clean install, just to see if it makes a difference. Might even say that instead of opening a new browser, to right click the icon and open in a private window to see if it works. Another aspect is to create a new profile and test with that, just in case it’s a corrupt profile. (browser profile, I mean)

Way too many possibilities. Most of which are all a shot and may not do much of anything.

Alright, thanks ill try it out. tysm for all the help and time u have used on trying to help me

Hi @jscreator, can you confirm the Brave version?

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