Brave crashing constantly as of 6/18/2020 v 1.10.93

After I updated my brave browser earlier today, i noticed that it crashes every 1-2 minutes. I’ve tried reinstalling it, and then reinstalling the previous version I used and still haven’t made any progress. Any tips?

Same here, using Mac OS 10.15.5

I’m having the same issue. It happens on both Brave and Brave Beta. Reinstalling seems to fix it for a day or so, but its a pain to export the bookmarks and such with it crashing constantly.

I might have figured it out. Did you by chance enable sync via the brave://flags menu? If so, try setting it back to default and relaunching.

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Same issue here. With the same version.

Do you have sync enabled in the flags? If so, try disabling it and relaunching.


I had it set too. Disabling sync fixed the issue and it no longer crashes.

Yup, turning off sync fixed everything.

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