Browser crashes after 5 seconds

Description of the issue:*
I have used Brave for over 6 months now and was very happy with it, until today. I had my usual 10 tabs open and it crashed entirely (never had it crash ever) and now when I open the application it crashes after 4 or 5 seconds.

How can this issue be reproduced?

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Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.15.72

Additional Information:

I have a 2020 MacBook Air which uses MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

I’ve tried the following:
-Restarted my computer
-Uninstalled and reinstalled Brave
-Cleared browsing data for all time (history, cookies, cached images)
-Scanned the application individually for any security threats (clear)
-Scanned my entire computer for any corrupted files (clear)
-put my computer into recovery mode and used Disk utility to use First Aid (clear)

could you disable hardware acceleration

What is that and how do I do that?

go to that brave://settings/system and disable -> Use hardware acceleration when available

Okay did that. Tried to open Facebook and another tab and it crashed. It lasted about 10 seconds now. Any other suggestions?

disable all extension brave://extensions/

if not work could you create new profile go to menu then create new profile

As @justsomeone1 said, I would see if you can open the browser and create a new profile (Menu --> Create new profile) and see if that also crashes. Note that you will likely have to close the first window opened (your main profile) quickly before it crashes.

Additionally, creating a new profile will also start a new browser session without browsing data and/or extensions – so if one of these is the cause of the issue, you should see the new profile stay open.

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Thank you @justsomeone1

@Mattches I disabled extensions and created a new profile. Tried opening 2 tabs and before the 2nd tab can load it crashes. No luck.

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you welcome @dddddd

please read the following carefully

there another solution but you have to take care it will require uninstall brave and remove it’s remaining file from the system
by going to Users//Library/Application Support/ and deleted the folder that called BraveSoftware

things to notice all the following will be gone unless if you exported them before

  1. bookmark (you can export them by going to brave://bookmarks/ then choose export)
  2. passwords (you can export them by going to brave://settings/passwords)
  3. reward data (if you already have verified wallet then the claimed one are saved but not sure about the unclaimed one )
  4. extensions (you have to reinstall it)
  5. settings

so simply it will make brave looks likes as if it first installed on your system

sync could help with most of the above things to save but will require another device to sync it with

after doing that reinstall brave and see if work

my advice you just wait tell @Mattches get back so maybe he has a better solution that you can do before doing the things i mentioned here

and have a nice day for both of you :slight_smile:

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Asking some team members about this – I appreciate your patience.

On your system, if you go to ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Crashpad, do you see any .dmp files here?

@justsomeone1 Thank you for your reply and further help. I followed every step and redownloaded it (as you said all personal information saved was deleted). It crashed again when I tried to open a 2nd tab.

@Mattches Hey. I found a “completed” folder with 1 .dmp file. Outside of that folder, I see “new” and “pending” folders which are empty,
Keep in mind I deleted Brave and cleared any folders under Application Support (following @justsomeone1 ‘s advice from above).

you welcome @dddddd

could you follow up with @Mattches

i think he would use that file to diagnose the error
but please wait tell he come back and give you the way to fix it

hope it get fixed soon and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Can you share the .dmp file with me in a DM? There shouldn’t be any sensitive data in there – possibly a URL if that’s what is causing the crash.

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