Brave browser keeps crashing/closing soon after I start using it (Windows and Mac)

Description of the issue:
When using Brave on Windows 10 or MacOS Catalina, the browser shuts down soon after opening it. Usually between 15-60 seconds.

How can this issue be reproduced?
This happens every time I open the browser, as of late.

  1. Open Brave browser
  2. Navigate for a few moments, or leave browser idle
  3. App shuts down

Expected result:
That Brave would keep working when I’m using it.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Windows: 1.10.97
MacOS: 1.10.93

Additional Information:
I do have Sync enabled, as this is an important feature for me. Without it, I’d just assume move to Chrome or Edge.

Can you try disabling sync to see if that solves your issue?
Also, we’ve launched Sync v2 on our Nightly build - We would also appreciate it if you tried it and gave us feedback.

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