Low volume problem

I was viewing a video, then when I paused it Brave suddenly lowered the volume. At 100% volume, I can barely hear. All of my other browsers (Firefox, Edge, Chrome) are playing videos at full volume. I’ve seen reference to this happening and seen it suggested to create a new profile. I did that, and the volume issue is resolved. However, I lose all of my profile settings. I tried copying the default settings into the new profile, but then I end up with the same volume issue! What can I do to restore proper volume in Brave? I’m ready to move to another browser, as I’ve already spent hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What you could do is to clear data copied to the new profile or make a new profile and then enable Brave sync to sync most data on to the new profile.

Thank you. I don’t see how to use Brave Sync to sync between profiles, though. Is there a topic on that?

I think this will help.

Thank you. I had looked at that, but I don’t see where it explains how to sync from Brave profile to Brave profile. I totally get this if I were trying to sync to another device.

@Saoiray @Aman_M might know more. Thanks.

@cheriemiranda if you have any extensions installed, try disabling them to see if it works.

Thank you. I only have two, and I disabled both. Same result…super low volume.

Can you try this in a private window as well to see if it’s working there?

गुरु, 16 फ़र॰ 2023, 10:10 को cheriemiranda via Brave Community <notifications@brave.discoursemail.com> ने लिखा:

Interesting! No volume issues in private window. What does that mean?

If private window and new profile works then generally it’s an extension that causes the issue. Tagging @Mattches for an insight.

Instead of disabling the extensions, can you try removing them entirely and test to see if the volume issue persists?

I completely removed both extensions, restarted browser, and there is still a serious volume problem. I now have zero extensions.

Is this an issue on any/all sites that play video or audio content in Brave or is it limited to a specific site(s)? If so can you please tell me which ones?

Thank you

Actually, it seems to be working now. Not sure if it took a bit to kick in or what happened, but the problem appears to have been resolved. Thank you so much for your help!

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