Low sound when on sites

Hi new to brave just wondering When on youtube or any site with audio. its so low. pc volume normally sits at 16 -20 volume but in brave i have to go up to 36-40 volume, any ideas?

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Hello @gio

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Before suggesting a solution, could you kindly use a chromium base browser to see if the issue repeats there?

Be waiting for your response

Thanks for the reply, yes it does the same low sound in Chrome. Assuming its a chrome thing.

Hi @gio

Thanks for your reply, could you kindly check Settings -> System -> Sound -> Advanced Sound Options -> App volume and device preferences and check to ensure that Brave is not set super low here. Additionally you will have to try playing some sound from the browser before it will appear in that list.

Be waiting for your response!

that would be in the PC Settings or Brave Settings?

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