Lost funds when trying to retrieve USDC from Worldcoin

Hello, I know this is mostly my fault, but today I lost about 60$ because I stupidly tried to deposit my USDC from the Worldcoin App to my Brave wallet; As i later found out, that was not the right way to do it, but I read online that, being USDC, it can somehow be recovered.
From the WLD app they facilitate the logs and records of the transaction through the Optimism network, I hope that can be it.
Can anybody help and throw some light at this? Thanks a lot.

So, updating this so maybe someone can help me (pls); I found my tokens through Metamask, I can see the funds, but now I am scratching my head trying to convert those funds to some usable (withdrawable) coin. It seems every and any operation needs “gas” (eth currency) and I am not able to convert my funds to eth in any non-paying way. Do I have any option here? Or MUST I buy eth to realize any operation? It seems bothersome and counterintuitive.
Anyway, leaving this here in hopes someone can teach me the best way to retrieve my funds.
Thanks in advance.

Hello! If you are attempting to view a token in your Brave Wallet, you may need to manually add it. If you do not see the USDC.e in your Brave Wallet, it will need to be manually added to show up.

This can be done with the Add Custom Assets button at the bottom of this page: brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio/add-asset

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello, thanks for the answer and sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy with work and whatnot.
I’ve at least been able to see my assets on metamask and later also on the Brave wallet, but now, being that I know close to 0 about cryptos, am at a loss when confronted with Swaps, Bridges, Gas Fees and all those things in between me and my money.

So i’ve got my mind clear about the process, but I’d like some help reviewing what I got so far: Seems to me, my only option is buy some ETH, about 10 or 15€ seems to be the minimum on the most benevolent platforms, and then with that ETH, go to Metamask and Bridge my assets, now visible in the Optimism network, to the Ethereum Mainnet, and then swap all my USD.c (and any other) to ETH, to be able to finally sell the ETH and cash in my money to my bank account.

I got that right, right? Or am I missing something?


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