Can't do anything with my money from brave wallet

Hey, so Im having this problem that I can’t take out or swap for other coin any money from brave wallet not even 0.5 of USDC coin it says always “insufficient balance” for any ammount that I put on there. Im trying to take out the money because I need it and nothing works.

Also I can’t sync my phone to my computer (I have my wallet on my phone and im trying to see from the computer.

Do you have enough amount for Gas fees ?

I don’t know how much would be enough like I have 15 euros and I can’t do anything not even swap, the fee is more than 15 euro?? Because not even 1 USDC I can swap

Which network are you trying to Swap on? What’s the ETH (or corresponding native asset) balance on the account you’re trying to swap from?

I have Optimism network I think it’s that one, I have 14,42€ on USD Coin Optimism network, I dont have ETH on my wallet and I cant trade to have some. I don’t know much about crypto sorry

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Please make sure your account has sufficient ETH balance on Optimism network. I think $1 - $5 worth of ETH should be enough. You need this to be able to pay for transaction fees (aka gas), and this how all Ethereum-like networks (including L2s like Optimism) work.

You can buy ETH on Optimism from the Buy tab in the wallet, or from an exchange of your choice supporting withdrawals to Optimism network.

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