Unable to transfer usdc coin to binance wallet or wld coin wallet


I recently moved some of my usdc coins from worldcoin wallet to the brave wallet using the optimism network. But now I’m unable to do anything with the coins on brave wallet I cant swap them or move them to another wallet.

I have changed the network on both wallets to make sure that they match but I’m still getting insufficient funds for gas. what am I doing wrong? Can someone please help.

  • Do you have ETH in your Brave Wallet?

  • If so, is the ETH you have on the Optimism network?

No I currently do not have ethereum in my brave wallet because I can’t even swap the usdc coin to any other coin.

so what do I do to have ethereum on my wallet. Should I purchase them?

There’s your issue. Every transaction you do with cryptocurrency requires a gas fee. In your case, you need ETH on Optimism. Gas fees are generally paid using the native token for that network.

Yes, either purchase or have it sent to you Brave Wallet. Just be very mindful of network. ETH exists on Optimism, Ethereum, etc. If token is not on appropriate network, it can’t be used to pay for gas.

Thank you for your assistance

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