Hello, I recently had a problem depositing money in my brave wallet

Hello, I recently had a problem depositing money in my brave wallet.

Basically I deposited 7USD from the world app to the brave wallet, what happened was that I deposited it as a WorldCoin token and the deposit does not appear reflected anywhere, I am looking for help for that, thank you very much, if someone shows me how to contact him brave technical support I will be very grateful

Hi, have you added WorldCoin in your Visible assets ?
In brave wallet go to portfolio → Click on
It is beside the search bar → Search ‘WorldCoin’ and add it as a visible asset

Yes, yes I did, but there is nothing

Are you sure you sent the token at the right address?
Also, I’ll tag @onyb @hub to assist. Thanks!

Can you please share the URL of the transaction on the block explorer, so we can take a look?

How do I see that? If I sent it to the correct address it was through a QR

0x5b8F87134CA5795bBd7455C268d07567426FFa3b My QR Address ip

This link came to me as details of the transaction


What? I do not understand what you mean

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