USDC not showing up in brave wallet

Hey guys i just bought 500 USDC but its not showing up in my wallet. I can see on etherscan the money has arrived but nothing is there. BTW i bought it through wyre Hash: 0x5829e702e0955ab6511290afe431e3ebd85445e08b38e343f0de7830db43bdf0

@Adam3 I’m not the one to know what chains you bought on and all. What I will say is in many cases, it’s because you haven’t enabled the asset. So go to your Brave Wallet, scroll down and you’ll see + Visible Assets. Click on it and then look for USDC.

There will be a lot of options, such as you see below:

Photos 11_30_2022 22_44_19

If the one you bought is not checked, as you see none of mine are checked, then it means Brave won’t see those Assets and show them to you in your browser. They would still safely be where you sent them, but just wouldn’t display. So make sure to find the one you bought and on which network or whatever. Then select it.

If for some reason it’s not on the list anywhere, you may need to hit the Add Custom Asset on top and then add in the details. But I’m assuming you should be fine with USDC

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