Insufficient funds for gas

Hi guys, I’m really struggling to understand Brave Wallet here.

I have about 206USDC that I want to swap for ETH so I can send it to my Revolut. I have about 31USD in ETH. I estimated this would be sufficient to fund gas but I keep getting the message I have insufficient funds.

I have read other threads on the topic but I genuinely don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong? I feel I just keep throwing dollars at the account and it’s just disappearing into a bit.

If anyone has advice please explain it to me in baby language cause I don’t really understand crypto terms. I don’t have a wallet because I use it, I just happened to have worldcoin and i just want to retrieve the funds now.

What operating system are you using?

Brave browser on iphone

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.60

@AndiMcFyre , can you check your USDC and ETH balances and tell us if they are both on the same network? You can send a screenshot if you are not sure. You should see something like “Ethereum on Ethereum Mainnet” or “Ethereum on Optimism Mainnet”

Hey thanks so much for your response! I checked, they’re not on the same network. The USDC is on Optimism, ETH is on Ethereum Network. I recall I could transfer to a different network on Coinbase, but I can’t quite figure out if this is possible in my Brave wallet?

@AndiMcFyre Coinbase and other custodial partners will automatically trade and deduct from your balance. Brave doesn’t do this. Instead, you need to make sure you have all of the appropriate funds, including the tokens needed for gas fees. If you don’t have the balance in your Wallet, then you won’t be able to send.

You will need to either bridge your existing ETH from Ethereum to Optimism or you’ll want to buy some ETH over on Optimism and have that sent to your Wallet.

If you want to bridge your existing, you’ll likely want to go to and connect your Wallet. From there you can bridge from Ethereum to Optimism with little to no issue. Again, there will be a fee, but I think it’s just like 0.5% the last I paid attention. I don’t have funds right now to check.

Hi @Saoiray thanks for your advise, but they don’t have brave wallet in their list so I can’t connect my wallet by the looks of it. Unless I’m missing something (which is very likely)

Edit: hold that thought maybe I did actually miss something

Edit: HAHAHA it’s costing me 34 dollar to transfer 4 dollar? This must be a joke :sob:

All depends on time of day and traffic in regards to what gas fees might be. But Ethereum and Optimism can tend to be higher gas fees. This is one of the reasons why Brave is looking at the idea of shifting to Solana and doing on chain payments for BAT instead.

Unfortunately, I don’t mess with crypto too much to give you solid advice on timing and gas fees. In any case, likely will be better just for you to buy some Optimistic ETH from within Brave Wallet

@Saoiray Got it! At least I understand now what to do, thank you :slight_smile:

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