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I have lost google mobile authenticator and I cannot recover account on https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/. Is it possible to recover it? I cannot find any post email for some support.

Thanks in advance!


I have found a way. Was searching but couldn’t find anything.

Here is how to:



This is correct, you’ll have to recreate your account. :confused: Sorry for the inconvenience! The good news is that transferring your old channels is pretty easy. :slight_smile: You just need to add them to your new account the same way you added them initially–and they will automatically transfer over within 10 days.


This is absolutely ridiculous. Now I have found out that they cannot recover the account and have implemented such a stupid system I have even more doubts about BAT adoption. To simply say you cannot use the old email address again, you can never recover your account, you have to create a new email address, create a whole new account, then move over your channel etc… well its just ridiculous.

Im out, wont be promoting BAT / Brave to publishers and content producers any longer until they fix this.

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