2FA app lost its passcodes, can't login to brave publisher account

I woke up this morning, and both of my 2FA authenticator apps (DUO and Google Authenticator) were mysteriously reset. No idea how this happened. Very frustrating. I’ve been going through and restoring access to sites using seed phrases/backup codes.

However, trying to login to the Brave publishers dashboard — there’s no option to restore the code, or send 2FA through another channel or otherwise deal with the problem.

At a complete loss here.

Hi @jpwalton,

You can create a new publisher account and reverify your property. It’ll transfer to new account in ~10days.

cc @Asad :slightly_smiling_face:

not possible to create new account, when try to use the email address that was used to create the initial account (associated with the lost google authenticator app) it says already registered.

You have to use a NEW email address to set up this second account :slight_smile: Then, you can add your old channels to the new account.

thanks for the tip. I think the frustrating thing is that brave publisher has 2FA, but does not provide backup codes or a way to input them.

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Appreciate your feedback. Actually, the Authy 2FA app does allow you to backup your codes. A number of people use this feature. In the end though, it’s a bit self defeating in terms of security!

I don’t use Authy (for brave I believe I used google authenticator).
The typical flow for that is the site with 2FA gives you site specific recovery codes…

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Exactly, this is ridiculous. Imagine if any others who use 2FA such as Crypto Exchanges, Apps, Wallets etc… all made you create a new account and a new email address to be able to get back in if you lose your Authy or Google Authenticator codes?! WTH

This is so ridiculous. I am literally not going to use the platform again until they add the option to reset 2FA the same as others do.


Since Rewards is still in beta, we’re still working out a lot of these details, so your feedback is appreciated!

It’s definitely a stop-gap solution, for the time being. 2FA codes would definitely be awesome. I’ll pass this along to the publishers team.

In general, though, 2FA is something that we have to err on the side of caution with.

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OK awesome and thanks for the fast response. I look forward to future developments.

yeah — in my case, I didn’t even lose/change my phone. I just woke up one day, and literally everything in secure storage (all logged in accounts, all 2FA, etc) was suddenly gone. I hadn’t even done anything “wrong” or made a mistake.

Question: I had a BAT balance in my channels — will that also appear if I create a new account and add the old channels?

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Yes, all of your BAT balances will transfer to your new account!

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