Lossing bats from pending rewards

Hello @steevan please help me out sir . This is the third time i am complaining about this issue that i have lost some of my bats from pending rewards and ads count also reduced . I am facing this issue for the third time in this month after 6 August. I am attaching the screenshot as the proof that i have lost my bats . Pls reply on this and give my bats back and resolve the issue.

Same with me, lost twice in just 4 days, i was hoping to earn 25 bats as quick as possible to link my uphold account, but it seems impossible now,

I am having this issue from the past month …I already counted more than 350 ads gone. Every 2 or 4 days…the accumulated number is reset to 0
Can someone of support help us?

Is anyone from support team will answer to this or not??

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Not again guys i had lost my bats again

Please help @steevan

@eljuno sir pls help me out with that i had lost my pending bat more than thrice

It is happening to me to… before was every 20 advs reseting to 0… now is almost every day
@steeven… could you please provide us some light on what is going on?

I am having the same problem but it’s a bit weird. I had my new tab open when I saw 2.450 BAT. The number was good, no problem here. But as I was looking at the new tab for a few seconds, it suddenly reset to 1.850 BAT. I closed the browser, reopened it and it was again 2.450. What happens and which number is the correct one ?

Maybe is good idea if you can change the title of this post by

BRAVE IS STEALLING our bats from pending rewards

That could catch the attention of other users having the same issue and this publication could become more relevant to someone on support and maybe receive a response from them.

We are watching ads and that ads are money something/someone is removing from our pocket and they don’t do anything

Where that money goes?

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