Why has my BAT Gone ahead and left me? [Today 4:00pm]

I have proof for this and have reason to believe that Its a BUG!
Here is proof- [ It happened at Today 4:00pm UAE time]

Now 183 ads for 1.067 BAT some are from last month’s also
I have worked hard for them and I want it back
I have emailed Support and am hoping They give to to me back
183 for 1.067 is to unreasonable… I had 1.667 BAT before 4:00pm Today

Bruh these ads are too glitchy… some one should fix these bugs XD

@steeven Please help!

@Ikram Have a look ¬

My May’s payout was supposed to be .500 BAT and not .600

Does this mean that I won’t be getting my BAT? Or what

@Ikram I my understanding, the Brave Support is saying that in next update those who all lost their BAT in current version, will restore all the BATs they lost, as per their reward counter suggest how much anyone lost your BATs…

no… SO… YOU HAD 2 BATS…They are saying that they gave you1 bats to your UPHOLD account , but they didnt took it from your browser wallet at that time… thats why you are still seeing 2 bats in your browser wallet… maybe tomorrow you gonna see 1 bat,( because they took 1 )

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