My BATs balance disappeared

Today almost 5 BATs disappeared again out of nowhere, 2 months have passed the same thing happens to me, in which I reach 4 BATs they take away my balance and it is not credited to my Uphold wallet, there are already almost 8 BATs that disappear and nobody give me answer.

Please resolve it by restoring my rewards

an hour ago I had 3,985 BAts


Brave Version
Versión 1.23.71 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

@Mattches @steeven @NTGroup Please help me out

I have lost BATs 3 times twice this month. Firstly I lost 17 BAT from my mobile last year and my current pending rewards were reduced at some point in the month, Furthermore I lost 0.25 BAT from my uphold wallet from last months earnings. I thought they would have gone to auto contribute but they are not reflecting there. Please may I be assisted

I have This issue, what can I do to recover or receive my lost BAT?

I’ve just had this issue too - Auto contribute switched off.

Many thanks.

Amigos yo tengo dias reclamndo eso y me dijeron que deje de publicar porque lo que publico es spam les pregunto

que se puede esperar si te responden eso?

Apparently its been happening to everyone but they are working on it - I think. Can someone working at Brave confirm this?

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