Losing BAT for users seems like a neglected issue for Brave

The same happened in my case. My bat went from 20 to 1.9. And no has a response for it

@chintu11 I think this is a major issue that Brave should address and not ignore.

I think that Brave has some good things, earning BAT and blockers being the major ones. But Brave also has downsides: BAT ad payouts being compromised/not working (and no one at Brave caring), bad sync between devices, tons of updates …

I can live with the shortcomings if I am able to earn decent BAT for doing so, but I am not willing to have if the BAT ad payouts are just going to drop by 80-90% for no reason.


Couldnt agree more. Im currently in another thread…will post the link. In this thread three of us were discussing the same problem, admins were tagged and only 2 other users were replied to. Not me. Have i missed something here, is it because im not a publisher or something is my issue not as important as other users. Im being stipped of BAT every month since june 20-30 BAT. Have followed all Mega threads and have DM’d all my details. Still no acknowledgement. Im very confused. @Mattches @steeven

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Yes, it sucks. The least they could do is acknowledge it and say they are sorry.

I was hoping for more from the people involved in this project.
It might be time to leave this, in my opinion, sinking ship as they do not even bother to address this big issues. And of course warn others not to engage in it (“it” = Brave).

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Have you hears the rumours that the project will end at the end of September?

No. Where did you hear about that?

Various forums. Puts a bit of a spin on whats going on.

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I guess that would make sense given how they ignore these things we bring up here …
Still, end of September sounds a little off. It’s like 6 days left.

It’s just not transparent …
No sensible information for the end user.


Appears some users are getting help others arnt. Have a look at this thread.

@Mattches @steeven seems like im not the only one struggling to access support

Thanks for quoting that stuff, @H33d13.

Unfortunately for Brave the thing I care about is functioning core features (shields and BAT earnings). I do not understand why they would focus time and effort on the other minor things that have nothing to do with these core features as long as these things are not working as they should.
You can’t build everything at once, but you can screw a good thing up by trying to do just that.

I’ll give it some more days and then return to my previous browsers if Brave keeps ignoring this. And I guess more people will do just that.

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Hi @H33d13 @deroj, please see @Mattches’s reply to a similar thread - Estimated dropped wiping out most of this months earnings.

Thank you for bearing with us as we work diligently to improve the browser and the experience that it creates.

I read that response as: The BAT is gone and you can’t guarantee that this will not happen again.

Sorry, but that is not a situation that I am willing to take. It’s a shame as I have had patience for a long, long time and instead of things improving they have become worse. In the end we all lost BAT that we did earn according to the rules you set for using your browser.

If you will not set this straight I have no intention on continuing to use Brave. It would be nice if you at least could get back to me regarding this. I think it’s fair after sticking with you guys for almost a year as a primary browser on all my devices despite all the ups and downs.

Hi @deroj, I’ll make it right, as we also strive to do at Brave (mid-month payout as the most recent example.) Please DM me your wallet ID and the amount of BAT missing. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @steeven, same problem here and I have sent you all the Wallet ID, screenshots, etc days ago, waiting for your answer please.

Thanks @steeven. I do not know what you mean by “mid-month payout as the most recent example.” I only received a mid-month payout (3 days ago) and no early-month payout. Not sure how that is “making it right” or if I’m misunderstanding something.

I have DMd you.

@H33d13 attempted to put us on blast but neglected to mention that I responded to this exact issue on the thread he referenced. Here’s the full text:

Short answer:
We appreciate the feedback and we hear you.

Real answer:
If you’re unaware, a browser is a complex piece of software comprised of millions ( 1,000,000's ) of lines of code and (especially when the code is open source, like ours) has likely been edited by 100s - 1000s of different people. For Brave, in addition to the browser, we built a new crypto currency, integrated it directly into the browser along with many additionally complicated features like:

  • Shields and other internal security measures to protect you while browsing
  • Integrated Tor functionality directly into browser window for enhanced privacy
  • Integrated webtorrent directly into the browser
  • Built-in Crypto wallet management
  • The ability to Tip Bat to individually verified creators, or setup a recurring payment for creators, or tip an individual personal users Reddit, Github, Twitter account

I could very easily create a much larger lists of features and effort the team has put into this browser. The idea that Brave put BAT out into the world – that is, did everything just listed and much more – disseminated it to millions of users just to take it back a couple dollars at a time is lost on me. It doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. Or from any standpoint, really.

It is complicated and bugs/issues happen when you’re attempting to create something that hasn’t been done before – and we’re doing all of this while preserving everyone’s privacy/anonymity. We have gone far out of our way to rectify issues that cause users to lose their rightfully earned funds while simultaneously navigating around the constant barrage of fraudulent activity.

We appreciate you and everyone else using our browser and practicing patience as our team grows, learns and pushes new and exciting things into the world. Trust me when I say we see the complaints, the feedback and the desire for this browser to reach its true potential. The truth is, we will only get there with users like you who stick with us even when things are broken and/or difficult. Giving us feedback (positive or negative), reporting bugs/issues, filing feature requests, testing our Beta build – all of this adds up.

Thank you for your support and patience. @Chezar @sneakybrit – can you please send me a DM with your wallet PID (in plaintext please) so that we can add you to the list of users known to be experiencing this issue?

We have refunded millions of BAT to our users out of good faith over the last couple of years. The issue is not neglected it is (as I said in the above post) very complicated and not like “flipping a switch”. @H33d13 – the reason I didn’t respond to you in that other thread (which I have already pointed out in that other thread) is because you didn’t ask anything, nor did you provide any details or information surrounding your situation:

For you @H33d13 and honestly anyone who feels as though they aren’t getting support, here’s what you have to do: open your own thread and provide as much detail about your situation as possible. It is very easy to lose track of who has what issue and what info pertains to what user when it’s all mixed in one thread. You are much more likely to get support or devs to see/respond your issue if you open your own topic instead of hijacking others.

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Users in this thread have submitted their information. Anyone else who would like assistance should open a new thread and provide us with as much information about the issue as possible.