After updating brave version to V1.14.84 my estimated BAT went down by 13BAT

Hello @steeven I just updated my Brave version to V1.14.84 and noticed that my estimated brave rewards went from 16BAT down to what is seen in the screenshot below. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

In addition I can’t see any of the past monthly statements.

Thanks for the help!

my estimated also dropped from 3.1 yesterday to 0.450 today

HI @ctannerBAT, did you receive the mid-month payout?

after getting ads it get back to normal i think it’s glitch but it happen a lot those days

Hey @steeven yep i received around 15 BAT 4 days ago. I never received my August payout that was around 25BAT however.

Hi @ctannerBAT, so you’re still missing the 25?

@steeven Thanks for following up. I just checked my uphold account and yes I am still missing unpaid BAT. The screenshot above of my uphold account activity is still accurate.

Just took this screenshot of my brave://rewards

Facing exactly the same problem. After updating brave to 1.14.84, estimated BATs ridiculously went down to 0.420. Any news about this?

Bump on this issue @steeven

@ctannerBAT @paul.martens , please DM me your Uphold ID. Thank you.

Sure thing! I will do this asap

@steeven any news about this?

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