Locked to using Bitflyer

Hi. My computer’s region was set to Japan when I installed the browser, and now I can’t use anything but Bitflyer when trying to verify my wallet. I read that you could change the install country code in the appdata preferences file, but I don’t know what the code is for my location.
I have changed my computer back to Australia (my region), but that itself was not enough. Any ideas?


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Hi @mickd!

I just checked the wiki. It says, “countryid_at_install” for AU is 16725. Could you try to edit Preferences file and re-launch Brave, please?


my bat were not deposited and they appear to me at zero help!!!

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Hi @atsushisa , thank you for the reply.

I was able to get the country code fixed by changing my computer’s region back to Australia, then reinstalling the Brave browser. That issue seems to be fixed as now I can see Gemini and Uphold in the list!

Unfortunately, I’m having another problem now. When I first installed the browser and started using it, the estimated BAT I would get for the month was slowly going up. Now that I’ve reinstalled the browser, it has been a long time and it hasn’t gone up at all (stuck at 0.000). I suspect it won’t go up unless I fix something. Any ideas?


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hello @mickd,

I’m sorry, I just meant to re-launch after modifying Preference file, it’s just close and open Brave. That didn’t mean to re-install. BAT amount is saved in Brave browser if you don’t verify any custodian. So, if you uninstall Brave, the BAT amount is also deleted.

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No problem at all. I actually did this all before your reply. I didn’t mind the BAT being deleted since it was only like 0.05cents worth, but unfortunately now the browser isn’t giving me ads anymore. So the BAT is stuck at 0.000. I have rewards enabled. Any ideas for this?

I appreciate the help. Thank you.

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Hi @mickd,

I’ll check something.
Please access brave://rewards-internals/
and could you dm me your general info?
(This is your private info, please do not post on the thread, thank you.)

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Hi there,

I’m having the same problem. My OS is set to Japanese for learning purposes, now the only option for wallet verification I’m shown is bitFlyer, which only accepts Japanese citizens (which I’m not).

Also not sure if it’s related, but the last three “Claim” notifications are just hanging out on my rewards page and I cannot click them.

Any pointers would be much appreciated :pray:

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